Research Projects

Cluster I: Identity, Authenticity and Values

1 Mapping Critical Mass: Authenticity in Remanifestations of Contemporary Artworks
Researcher: Brian Castriota
Affiliation: University of Glasgow

2 Values and Valuation of Modern and Contemporary Visual Art: The Role of Reflective Practice
Researcher: Joanna Kiliszek
Affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

3 The Artist Intent in Contemporary Art: Matter and Process in Transition
Researcher: Nina Quabeck
Affiliation: University of Glasgow

4 The Role of Conservation Sciences in the Authentication of Modern and Contemporary Art Works
Researcher: Tomas Markevicius
Affiliation: Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Cluster II: Materials, Media and Technologies

5 Authenticity and Reproducibility: Conservation Strategies for Contemporary Photography
Researcher: Marta Garcia Celma
Affiliation: Cologne University of Applied Sciences

6 Conservation Strategies for Computer-Based Artworks
Researcher: Claudia Röck
Affiliation: University of Amsterdam

7 Conservation of Contemporary Art and Ethnographic Materials: Relationships, Similarities and Differences
Researcher: Caitlin Spangler-Bickell
Affiliation: Maastricht University & MUDEC Milan

Cluster III: Presentation, Documentation and Reception

8 The Exhibition as a Conservation Tool: Examining Changes in Presentation Discourses and Practices
Researcher: Panda de Haan
Affiliation: University of Porto

9 Artist Interviews and Artist Participation as Research Tools in Conservation Practices
Researcher: Aga Wielocha
Affiliation: University of Amsterdam

10 Audience Participation in Performance-based Art
Researcher: Iona Goldie-Scot
Affiliation: Maastricht University

11 Database for the Documentation of Contemporary Art
Researcher: Dušan Barok
Affiliation: University of Amsterdam

Cluster IV: Professions and Institutions

12 Contemporary Art Conservators and Curators: Roles, Collaboration, Training and Ethics
Researcher: Maria Theodoraki
Affiliation: Universidade Nova de Lisboa

13 On the Artists’ Side: Bridging the Gap Between Creation and Conservation
Researcher: Sophie Lei
Affiliation: Roma III University & Maastricht University

14 Ownership, Information, Control, and Access: A Study in Practice and Ethics
Researcher: Zoë Miller
Affiliation: Tate London & Maastricht University

15 Private Collections as Care-takers
Researcher: Artemis Rüstau
Affiliation: Maastricht University