Summer and winter schools are for NACCA members only.

25-29 January 2016
Winter School, University of Maastricht
Theme: general research methods & skills, lecture / workshop career planning.

11-15 July 2016
Summer School, University of Amsterdam
Theme: specific research methods & skills.

16-20 January 2017
Winter School 2, Tate Modern, London
Theme: professional skills for museums & heritage sector

Public event
16 January 2017
NACCA public event
Tate Modern, London

26-30 June 2017
Summer School 2, University of Glasgow
Theme: work in progress seminars; conference with external experts.

Public event
28-30 June 2017
NACCA Conference 2017
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

15-19 January 2018
Winter School 3, University of Porto
Theme: workshop entrepreneurship for museums, workshop grant writing.

25-29 June 2018
Summer School 3, Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Theme: work in progress seminars, conference with external experts.

Public event
25-26 June 2018
NACCA Symposium 2018
Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Public event
24-27 March 2019
NACCA Conference 2019
Final conference, Maastricht
Theme: NACCA researchers present their results, conference with external experts.

4 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Are the schools closed for general public or at least specialists from other countries not? Otherwise, are those events accessible for any other profeccionals but participants?

  2. Dear Ana and Silvia, thank you for your questions! The schools are prepared for NACCA members only, unfortunately. Apologies for not making it clear on the page earlier (it has been updated since). In case we would do any public events, they will be announced here and in our News section.

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